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Earn free passive income with every online search

Build your holdings of a new company completing with Google search engine!

Here we review Pre-Search and how it has done in our tests.

“One of the best passive income generators that replaces Google and gives back the power to the people.”

For the past 2 years one of our teammates has been using Pre-search instead of Google search. Over than time has gained about 4,000 PRE Tokens which amount to $1,000. Though not a large sum of money this is completely free & has huge room for growth.

We give Pre-Search an 8/10. The reason per a 2 point deduction has to do with the design and speed of the search engine. There needs to be a bit of a refinement done and also an increase in search speed. Hopefully this will be done overtime as the company grows. Use our link below to signup for free to test it out for yourself.

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