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Is this the next Uniswap?

Coinbase & Binance are invested

Here we review DoDo exchange and how it has done in our tests.

“Our favorite up and coming new exchange with new feature the big guys do not have.”

We have made a small investment in DoDo as we see the project has great potential. We are not the only ones who believe so check out the other investors we found on CoinMarketCap. Did we mention 70% APY for minting your DoDo?

We give DoDo an 10/10. There is huge institutional backing combined with 70% APY for minting your DoDo token. This high APY will not last forever as more people join, best to get in early on this one! We bought DoDo on Kucoin app then transferred it to the Coinbase Wallet (Make sure you have Ethereum in your wallet). After you have DoDo & Ethereum (At least $100) in your Coinbase Wallet then scan this QR code to use our referral when you connect the wallet for high APY minting.

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